Robo Automation Kit


Robo Automation Kit

Robo Automation Kit (RAK) is a flexible, universally applicable modular automation system in which you combine various modules and easily ingetrate existing machines. If required, the modules can be combined to form a new solution. With the camera image recognition system and the menu-supported IP sequence control, no robot programming knowledge is required.

The Robo Automation Kit consists of a mechanically identical, compact basic unit for Robo, Function and Link modules. Due to its very small footprint (1/2 Euro pallet), it fits in any place of an existing production line.

The base is compact with an integrated control cabinet, all safety-relevant openings are closed by covers and panels. The Basic Units can be lined up next to each other or placed opposite each other to form larger cells using standard mechanical interfaces.

The following modules can be easily (re)combined and are therefore more sustainable and quickly armortized:
Robo modules can do handling steps like loading, unoading, sorting etc.
Function modules can mount, clean, measure or do pre- or after-work steps
Link modules link the RAK units with each other or your machines