Push-In M12 connector with UL listing


Push-In M12 connector with UL listing

The LÜTZE M12 connectors with Push-In technology, offer lots of advantages for many control cabinet and machine and plant manufacturers because they allow fast and fault-free wiring of prefabricated cables. The tool-free and direct connection, which does not require previous opening of the contact point, guarantees fast wiring.

Thanks to the new Push-In-Technology, the insertion forces are very low, which greatly simplifies the connection. In contrast, the pull-out forces are higher so that all connections guarantee a high level of wiring security. Depending on the application, the LÜTZE M12 connectors are suitable for transferring signals, data and power in various versions, either with a straight or angled connector, with the option of shielded or unshielded versions. The angled version allows the cable outlet to be positioned in 45° steps compared to the pole pattern. The LÜTZE M12 connectors with Push-In Technology have the same design as the screw terminal technology and are designed for more than 100 plug cycles.

LÜTZE uses a clear color coding system for the wires during assembly. All colors in the connection block are assigned for the actuator sensor area and for the field bus wiring such as CAN-Bus, PROFIBUS, Ethernet and PROFINET, according to the corresponding standards EN 60947-5-2. This means that firstly, it is almost impossible to confuse the PINS, and secondly there is no more need for time-consuming and error-prone recoding of the individual color codes.

  • Always the best connection technology for your M12 application
  • Simple and tool-free connection with push-in technology
  • Up to 30% time saving compared to the conventional screw terminal connection
  • Better contact in case of vibration and shock load due to permanent spring pressure
  • No conductor sleeves required