FlowChief scadaApp


FlowChief scadaApp enables you an easy and reliable access with mobile operating devices to your FlowChief portal, process control system, SCADA. The app contains a demo application and can be tested easily.

The scadaApp offers the following functions:

* Easy login and intuitive navigation between the functions
* The app acts as web client and offers the full FlowChief functionality
* Responsive design – user interface adapted to smartphone and tablet
* User and access management (including rights to see, read and write process variables)
* Visualization incl. navigation via image menu
* Plant explorer for clear selection of process variables
* Favourite lists for the free compilation of any process variable
* Process control (with appropriate authorization)
* Message archive for visualization of current and historical events
* Recorder function (online trending) of the current process status
* Curve function (trend) for analysis of historical process data
* Input and maintenance of manual values and laboratory data (online and offline)
* Creation of run-lists for manual input
* Dashboard as freely configurable analysis tool