The basis of the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and the IoT is to make things smarter by making them communicate with each other. The focus here is on sensors which are embedded in the devices and which constantly gather and centrally deliver data concerning machinery and special work scenarios or data about the entire value-added chain. The new EASYTEC wall-mounted enclosure series was developed specially for these modern sensor applications.

EASYTEC flanged enclosures are available from stock in two different sizes, each in two heights: 101 x 50 x 22/26 mm and 121 x 62 x 26/31 mm (overall length with flange x width x height). Off-white (RAL 9002) is available as the standard colour; on request we can also produce the enclosures in other colours. The sturdy housing design, the high-quality material ASA+PC-FR (UV-resistant) and the optionally available seal for protection class IP65 allow for robust indoor and outdoor applications. This is also supported by the stainless steel screws with Torx drive. The installation of the enclosure is effected on the underside and is thus completely out of sight – which benefits the unit’s appearance. PCBs can be installed in the top part and/or in the bottom part. Suitable self-tapping screws for mounting the PCBs are included in the accessories range.

The bottom part of the EASYTEC enclosure has fully integrated lugs on the short end faces. These allow the devices to be quickly mounted on the wall (horizontally or vertically), but can also be used for easy installation on pipes/round profiles. A rounded recess on the underside of the enclosure visually supports the latter application on pipe systems. As can be expected from OKW, the EASYTEC enclosures can be modified by us according to the individual wishes of the customer, for example with printing, laser marking, mechanical machining for interfaces/LEDs, EMC coating on the inner side of the enclosure, assembly work and much more.





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