Charging container for e-micromobility – a smart solution for your batteries


In the intelligent charging container, every battery can be connected via shockproof sockets – up to 150 batteries at the same time. The display shows the current status of the accumulators, the charge management recognizes defects. The fire-safe containers can be set up anywhere without a permit. Thanks to the pre-installed software, IoT connection and networking, the energy consumption can be controlled in a targeted manner. In order to avoid peak loads, the charging management ensures that only an optimal number of batteries is charged that is tailored to the connected load of the container. It detects deviations from the normal state at an early stage and automatically and safely switches off affected subsystems. This reduces the risk of dangerous conditions many times over.

The loading container in brief
• Charge capacity of up to 150 batteries at the same time
• Installation without a permit
• Fireproof and alarm-protected, including panic lock
• Active ventilation of the container and air conditioning
• Intelligent charging management with automatic error detection and reduction of load peaks
• Intuitive software with mobile data transfer and connection to the backend

Your advantages
• The mobility of the container makes you flexible when charging your batteries
• Save time and money – no need to obtain expensive and long-term permits
• Intelligent charging management minimizes load peaks and lowers the costs for grid connection and electricity purchase
• Certified safety concept reduces the risk of battery fires
• Guaranteed transparency thanks to automatic error detection and transmission of service messages to your mobile device





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