New Optris complete system for glass tempering plants


The physical properties of flat glass can be influenced by targeted heat treatment. For example, single-pane safety glass (SPSG) is produced by so-called thermal tempering. In this process, the panes are first heated uniformly to more than 600°C in an oven.

This is followed by a cooling period in which air is blown in for abrupt cooling. Pre-cise maintenance of the slightly different temperatures in the oven, depending on the type and thickness of the glass, is crucial for the desired quality of the end pro-duct. This involves both the exact temperature and the most homogeneous tempe-rature distribution possible within the glass panes.

Optris GmbH has now developed a special system for this process. It is based on the PI 640 IR camera and can be used on any glass tempering system thanks to sel-ectable optics with different aperture angles.