Farewell to staff shortages in SMEs – The new employees are ready


Farewell to staff shortages in SMEs – The new employees are ready

Necessity is the mother of invention
Employees are hard to find – especially good ones. Ralf Hock, Managing Director of the Industry Partners (IP) Group from Coswig in Saxony, also knows this. “We, as a medium-sized company specializing in special machine construction, have become painfully aware in recent years that demographic change brings with it major problems. It was becoming increasingly difficult to even find staff for our machines,” says Hock. But as is well known, necessity is the mother of invention and so IP quickly created a few new employees for itself: the Robo Operator®. These are automated machine operators for CNC machines or other tooling apparatus that fully emulate their human counterparts. This means they open the machine door, insert the workpiece, close the door again, start the program, monitor it and finally remove the finished workpiece. They maintain a tested quality over several shifts and also at weekends. “Our Robo Operator® operates machines that are actually not designed for automation like a skilled worker,” notes Hock proudly.

The new colleague introduces himself
The Robo Operator® from IP is not squeamish: it can be used immediately and maintains a constant quality over a long period of time without failures. This is made possible by the built-in workpiece buffer system, which can store up to 600 parts. Furthermore, Robo Operator® consists of a mobile cell with a built-in industrial robot, which has a universal gripper. The fingers of the gripper or the entire element can be exchanged quickly and easily if required. Robo Operator® comes with an intelligent camera system that monitors the entire process. Thanks to its quick comprehension, Robo Operator® does not need a new teach-in for already known machines and can be switched quickly and easily between the existing machines.

No temporary worker? No problem! Rent Robo Operator® as your new robotic machine operator.