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As a small, flexible company, we develop and engineer automation solutions on behalf of well-known medium-sized and large companies in the mechanical and vehicle construction industry.

Here, we are specialiced in:
– Machine controls including touch-panel based on HTML5
– Training simulators for machines and vehicles
– Test stands for machine controls including automated software testing
– Consulting on functional safety and machinery directive 2006/42/EC
– E-planning and control cabinet construction

With more than 15 years of market experience, we develop professional and custom-fit system solutions from risk assessment and e-planning to safety concepts, control cabinet construction, wiring, cable harnesses as well as SPS programming, databases, on-site commissioning and CE documentation for our customers mainly located in the D-A-CH region.
Our engineers are able to master almost the entire product development process of our clients. By using state-of-the-art technologies and development tools, they reduce costs and risks. This is what makes us so valuable in the eyes of our customers.
One of the latest milestones in our development is an innovative software framework for machine controls with a modern HTML5 user interface. This not only makes us faster and more efficient than many market solutions. Our customers can also benefit therefrom directly in their own automation projects.
In the field of training simulators, we offer our customers a low-cost alternative to training on real machines by serving our new simulator technology based on original operating and control elements including original control logic. With our high-quality, mobile training simulators, operators can train reproducibly any number of complex operating situations under different environmental conditions. Due to this and other achievements and activities, we have repeatedly been awarded the research seal “Innovative through research”.



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